Green Button® Platform


Green Button® Download My Data® (DMD) and Green Button® Connect My Data® (CMD) are the energy industry’s standard for enabling easy access to, and downloading or authorized sharing of, utility-customer energy, gas and water -usage data. Easy, secure, digital access to standardized energy and water billing and consumption data enables utility customers to gain better insights into waste and inefficiencies—allowing them to make adjustments to use fewer resources, save money or choose to use new apps and services to determine additional savings. For property managers, access to standardized Green Button® data significantly streamlines data collection and simplifies the building resource-consumption reporting process. 
On November 1st, 2021, Todd Smith, Minister of Energy for Ontario, announced a mandate requiring nearly all regulated Ontario electricity and natural gas utilities to provide their customers with digital access to their standardized, Green Button® data within twenty-four months.

The two key Green Button® methods for obtaining electricity, natural gas and water usage are:

The Green Button® Download My Data (DMD) method enables homeowners and property managers to download their electricity-usage data from distributors’ websites in the industry-standard, Green Button® data format. Energy customers can utilize these data to view their historical and present energy usage, analyze trends and make informed energy-management choices.

Extending upon the Green Button® Download My Data (DMD) method, the Green Button® Connect My Data (CMD) method allows customers to authorize direct, secure transfer of their energy-usage data to third-party service providers to assist them with easily managing and conserving energy. In addition, due to the use of common, standardized Green Button® formats, third-party developers are able to rapidly create and offer these products, services and applications without customization to each utility’s output.

For Customers

The Green Button® Connect My Data (CMD) implementation enables customers to securely transfer their data to third-party solution providers, who can further assist them in monitoring and managing their energy, natural gas or water usage. With convenient access to their billing and consumption data in an easy-to-understand format, customers can leverage their new-found knowledge to better control and track utility expenses or evaluate additional energy-efficiency or clean-energy upgrades. Customers can log into their New Market Hydro account to access New Market Hydro’s secure Green Button® data-enabled apps and services.
















For Third Party Providers

Third Parties who wish to be registered and onboarded onto New Market Hydro’s Green Button® Certified℠ Platform—to be showcased as an available application in our Green Button® solutions marketplace—will be required to submit a registration form. Once submitted, our technical team will be in touch with the next steps. We look forward to connecting customers with new energy-efficiency and clean-energy apps and services!


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