Energy & Water Saving Resources

Whether you’re a homeowner interested in reducing your energy use or a business looking for ways to manage overhead costs, a variety of tools, resources and programs are available to help you save on your utility costs.

Residential Energy Savings

A variety of NT Power and provincially-sponsored programs and incentives are available to help you understand your energy consumption and lower your energy usage at home:

Residential Water Savings

There are a variety of ways to lower your home's water usage. For more information visit the Town of Newmarket page on their website.

Business and Industry Energy Savings

Your business's energy costs can make or break your bottom line. NT Power supports our community and economy with provincially-sponsored Save On Energy programs through the Independent Electricity System Operator:

Commercial Water Savings

Water savings for business requires careful monitoring of your equipment and costs. If you notice abnormal consumption such as a significant increase in your business' water consumption, you may have a leak, or a device may be malfunctioning.