About My NT Power Bill

There’s a Lot of Important Information on Your Bill and We Want to Help You Understand It.

Your NT Power bill summarizes your energy and water usage and charges that have accrued during the current billing period. 

As the sample bill below shows, the front-top portion, referred to as the remittance stub, is a summary of your personal information and amount owing. It is returned with your payment if you’re paying by mail. The lower-front portion of the bill provides details on your account status and energy usage and should be retained for your records.

The back-top portion contains definitions of the terms used on the bill while the back-bottom section summarizes your water charges and usage.

Understanding all the important information contained on your bill enables you to better understand your water and energy consumption patterns, what it costs and how you can reduce usage to lower your bill.

Newmarket-Tay Power utility bill page 1

Below is a brief description corresponding to each highlighted numbered section


1. Home and Address Information

If you are the person receiving the invoice, your name and mailing information will be listed here. 

2. Account Number

Your unique customer number is required when registering for My Account

3. Amount Due

Amount Due is the outstanding amount

4. Bill At A Glance

At the top left of your bill provides a summary of your Billing Date, Balance Brought Forward, Total New Charges or Past Amounts Due, your Total Amount Due and the Payment Due Date.

5. Your Meter Consumption Information

A. Meter Number: Your Electric and/or Water Meter number(s) is specific to your service address.

B. Read Dates: The meter reading dates from present and previous dates including number of billing days.   

C. Meter Reading: The meter reading from your present and previous reads.

D.  Usage: The amount of consumed, the difference from the present and previous reads.

6. Usage History​​​​

Previous Usage Table over the past 12 months.

7. Terms on Your Statement

You will find a list of terms and their definitions that are on your statement. 


Newmarket-Tay Electric Water Bill Page 2

Definitions on the Back of Your Residential Bill

1. On-Peak Consumption

The On-Peak electricity rate is the rate of electricity consumed when energy demand is highest. 

2. Mid-Peak Consumption​​​​​​

The Mid-Peak electricity rate is the rate of electricity consumed when energy demand is moderate.

3. Off-Peak Consumption

The Off-Peak electricity rate is the rate of electricity consumed when energy demand is lowest. 

4. Total Electricity Consumed for the Billing Period

Electric Charges are the total amount you are being charged and owe for your electricity use, other charges and taxes. 

5. Water and Sewer Charges

The Water Utility Charges are a breakdown of your water usage, wastewater and infrastructure connection charges. This part of the Bill is for Newmarket Customers Only.

The Town of Newmarket has made some changes to its storm water billing structure that are listed below:

  • there are no rate categories, everyone is billed under this rate structure
  • in the new rate structure, there are no longer classifications for different types of customers and a new capital renewal charge has been introduced
  • all residential, institutional, commercial and industrial customers will pay a fixed monthly charge based on the size of their meter and a fixed volumetric charge based on the amount of water used each month
  • This blending of fixed and usage charges is intended to continue to promote conservation by giving people control over their bills by reducing their monthly usage.